It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!


Guys guys guys.

Someone has finally turned the world’s finest hangover cure into an eyeshadow palette! And that someone is Too Faced.

The nine featured shades don’t exactly bring peanut-butter-and-raspberry-jam-on-toast to mind in their own right, but their names nod to it. So that’s something.

Also, they’re extremely pretty and wearable. Which is the key ingredient. *wink wink*



1 catchy title (ahem)

4 matte shades – Spread the Love, Extra Creamy, Peanut Butter, Nuts About U.

5 shimmery shades – Bananas, Peanut Butter Cup (incidentally the most delicious things ever), Peanut Brittle, Jammin’, Jelly.

0 actual peanuts – Allergic to nuts? No problem. You can get pretty eyelids without them puffing up everywhere. Hurrah!

28 British pounds – That’s how much it costs. I don’t know about you lads, but I’d pay it.


It sounds like one of those scary concept palettes without many wearable shades, but this little number is actually full of flattering nudes. The two purple shades just give it a little edge on the numerous nude palettes out there.

That and the fact that it’s named after one of my favourite things. What can I say?



A Christmas Wishlist / Gift guide

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year is almost upon us! Well, it’s a month away. But since when did that stop a blogger from making a wintry wishlist? Since never. That’s when.

Although they might seem a bit frivolous and indulgent, wishlists and gift guides are actually very practical things to make at this time of year. Whenever a family member asks you what you want for Christmas, you just send them the link, hold your arms wide, and say “Take your pick!” Then you do jazz hands.


(All images borrowed from their respective online stores. I hope that’s ok…)

Scratch Map – UK Edition – £14.99 –


By coincidence, I’ve already been to quite a lot of UK counties on staycations (sorry for using that rubbish word) with The Boy. So I thought it would be nice to get a UK scratch map, and every time we visit a new county we could scratch it off. There are World and US and European versions of this too, but as we’ve made a pretty good head start in the UK, I fancy this one the most.

Thug Kitchen Recipe Book – £14.99 – 


A recipe book full of healthy, vegetarian treats, which totally overuses the word “fuck”. This is right up my street.

A few excerpts:

“Can’t decide between chilli or soup? Fuck it. Have both.”

“Some people call this Texas Caviar. We just call it goddamn delicious. This makes a fuckton of dip, so if you’re flying solo, just halve everything.”

And in the “Basic Shit” chapter…

“How to roast your own bell peppers: stop buying roasted bell peppers in a jar like an asshole.”

I’m sorry if this offended you. I’m British. Sometimes we’re quite sweary.

Socks. Any socks really. – £3.50 – 


In the words of Albus Dumbledore: “One can never have enough socks.” And besides, the majority of mine have holes in.

This jumper – £18.00 – Missguided.


Except not really, because it’s cropped. And at Christmas, I eat way too many mince pies to look good in a cropped jumper. Still, if you don’t bloat when you eat pastry, please buy this and increase my chances of seeing “Merry Christmas Bitches” in the street. It’s so fun!

Winter Spice Scented Gel Candle – £22.00 – John Lewis


I’ve been through a few festive scented candles in my time (Sainsbury’s £2 miracle and The White Company’s ‘Winter’ to name two favourites). I took a big huff of this one last time I was in John Lewis, and fell in love. It’s perfect. Warm, spiced, and not too heavy. Oh, and it has gold stars in it. NEED.

Williamson Tea Earl Grey Tea Caddy – £9.95 – John Lewis


Because I love Earl Grey tea, and I really love the idea of how this little elephant storage jar will look in my home, once I’ve finished drinking it. Gorgeous! If you fancy getting one of these as a gift, they come in lots of different designs.

A lifetime supply of NYX cosmetics* –


*This was a prize in the early seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I don’t actually want a lifetime supply. That show is just extremely quotable. Sorry.

This range has just arrived at Boots, and it’s so affordable! I’d love to try out a few of their products – especially the concealers, the blushes, the buttery lipsticks and that skinny eyebrow pen(cil). Excitement!

Just about anything from Primark’s Harry Potter collection – From about £1.50 for socks


What can I say? I’m easy to please. And so are many Potter fans. Prezzie buyers on a budget: take note. This stuff is cheap, and will make your Potterish friends and family extremely cheerful.

Bridget Jones Pyjamas


The softer and cosier, the better. The shops are full of these at Christmas time, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. But when it comes to finding the best ones, it’s all about touch.

PJÄTTERYD picture (The Kiss) – £25.00 – Ikea


It’s ready to hang, it’s £25, it’s a famous painting, and one of my personal favourites. What’s not to love?

Thermal Camisole in Ivory or Black – £12.00 – John Lewis


What? It’s cold…

And while we’re on the subject…

A really soft and fluffy bobble hat. This one’s from

bobble hat

Mine’s a large. Or a men’s. #MassiveHeadProblems.

The No.1 Tip for Putting Together a Gallery Wall

Please excuse my dishevelled sofa.

Having recently moved home, I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to nail things to the wall. You can’t usually do that in rented accommodation in the UK, so when I was presented with several bare walls to decorate, I couldn’t wait to get started!

And the first thing on my list? A gallery wall.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a gallery wall is essentially a wall on which there are lots of pictures. You choose different frames of different sizes, and then artfully arrange them until they look pretty.

Depending on your taste and ability to cope with disarray, you can use frames and colours of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Personally, I stuck with black frames. And used a ruler and measuring tape to (unsuccessfully) make the whole thing as symmetrically haphazard as possible. What can I say? I enjoy uniformity.

Anyway, I titled this post ‘The No.1 Tip for Putting Together a Gallery Wall’. So let’s get to the point. That tip is: use newspaper.

You don’t want to be making holes in your nice wall, and then deciding you don’t like how you’ve arranged your gallery. That’s why you should cut out the shapes of each of your frames in newspaper before you get started.

Next, use masking tape or washi tape to stick your newspaper shapes to the wall. Beware blu tack by the way – it has a habit of leaving damp little marks!

Once you’ve stuck your paper rectangles somewhere that looks vaguely acceptable, move them around until you’re happy with the design. Then remove them one by one and replace them with your real frames. Job done!

Things I learned whilst making a gallery wall:

  1. I’m really rubbish at nailing things to the wall. Hopefully you’ll be better at it than me.
  2. I was also rubbish at working out where the picture hook should go to create exactly the right space between the ‘&’ picture and the chimpanzee picture. So if anyone has any tips on how to get that right, please share them! I (clearly) still haven’t mastered it.

Finally, if you want to know where I got my inspiration and a few of the prints, they’re on my ‘Art bits’ Pinterest board, which you can find here.

Happy nailing! (ew)

Eff x

You Beauty Advent Calendar 2015. It’s out! But is it worth it?

Way back in 2013 I got very excited about purchasing my first beauty advent calendar. Benefit and Body Shop were all sold out, and though I lusted over the Selfridges offering, there was no way I could afford it. So You Beauty it was.

You Beauty Advent Calendar 2

2013’s offering

At £59.95 (plus P&P) it’s a fairly standard price for the beauty advent calendars out there. But does that make it justifiable?

Well, this year’s offering has just been released. And, as is traditional, I’ve had a little nosey at the products included!


The You Beauty Advent Calendar 2015. Photo borrowed from the website. It’s not mine yo.

From Burts Bees to Benefit, Molton Brown to Philip Kingsley, and Rituals to Rodial, the brands included are pretty lustworthy, which is a good start.

There’s also a good range of product types, including tweezers, moisturisers, home fragrance sticks, bath salts, hair products, makeup, and even a bee venom eye cream (fancy!).

The total value of the haul is £330. So when you buy the calendar, that’s a huge saving of £270.

Again, borrowed from the You Beauty Website.

Again, borrowed from the You Beauty Website.

Still, the question for me is how many of the products I’d realistically buy for myself. The honest answer is four or five. And would their full size versions add up to £60? I’m not sure.

For that reason, I’ll be giving it a miss this year.

HOWEVER. If you’re a beauty blogger and have never bought a beauty advent calendar before, I’d definitely recommend it! Calendars like this give you great material for posts and reviews all the way up to Christmas, and they’re also a brilliant way to get an idea of what’s out there on the beauty scene – without spending all your money in Space NK.

And of course – above all else – opening a door on your advent calendar is a great way to brighten up those dark December mornings. Especially when there’s an exciting beauty product behind it.

My one recommendation? If you want to get it, make sure you’re quick. They don’t sell out as fast as the Benefit ones, but oh my crikey do they fly off the shelves…

Birthday Wishlist 2015

It’s my birthday in less than a month. I’ll be turning 24, which makes me officially in-my-mid-twenties. Will that make my birthday wishlist more grown up? Will it make it more practical? Will it make it less frivolous? Will it heck.

Advanced Night Repair Eye – Estee Lauder, £40

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream

My current eye cream has run out, and I’m definitely starting to notice more puffiness and less youthful buoyancy in the skin around my eyes. Let’s see if I can beat ageing to the punch with this little baby. The Victoria’s Secret models use it, dontchaknow.

4 Maxim Champagne Flute Glasses – Marks and Spencer, £15champagne flutes

Because I don’t yet own champagne prosecco flutes. And this, frankly, is a travesty and a sham.

Real Techniques Powder Brush – Boots, £12.99

realtechniques powder brush

I might be in my mid-twenties soon, but I still have the skin of an oily teenager. Time to upgrade my powder brush!

Purple Spectrum Kitchen Canisters – Dunelm Mill, £3.99 each

purple kitchen pots

A trio of little lovelies to keep my tea, coffee and sugar tidy. I already own the matching kettle and toaster…#purpleparadise

Tall Jaxson Faux Fur Short Parka – Topshop, £78

topshop parka 2

Now that it’s autumn, my commute isn’t getting any warmer – or drier. A cute parka like this one should keep me cosy enough, until I need to bring out the big guns (100% wool coats) nearer Christmas.

PS: Sorry Topshop, if you’re reading, for this terrible screengrab of your coat. Complete with arrows and expandy box. I just like it, ok?

A Clare Caulfield Print – Etsy, £50+

venice print

I stumbled across this artist when I was searching for something else on Etsy, and I just love her beautiful sketchy, watercolour technique. As I’m moving house, it would be lovely to brighten up the new place with one of her prints.

A big black tote bag – Warehouse, £36


For winter time, this is significantly more chic-looking than trying to fit a rucksack over a coat.

My only specifications are that it’s black, fits over my shoulder, and most importantly that it closes with a zip. Far too many bags don’t actually close at the top these days; it drives me potty. Seriously, is anyone else bothered by this, or is it just me?!

Tan lace up brogue boots – New Look, £49.99


Because honestly, once we’re into October, ballet pumps are not going to survive more than 5 minutes of my commute. Vaguely waterproof shoes are imperative. And far less squelchy.

Lancome Blush Subtil in ‘011 Brun Roche’ or ’02 Rose Sable’ – Boots, £28

lancome blush subtil

Finally, I’d love to get a new blusher, to capture the rosy glow of a brisk autumn doggie walk. Most of the (three) blushers I currently have are more coral-based and summery, so I’d love to pick up a quality shade to last me through the cooler months.

Whew. That was quite a virtual shop!

Hopefully this’ll help to give my family a few ideas come October time. But even if I get nothing from the wishlist, I’ll still be very happy.

Because what’s even better than wishlists? Surprises!