Whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision, flip a coin. It answers your question; not because it tells you what to do, but because in the brief moment the coin is in the air, you know exactly what you want.

Faraz Rajput, in the ‘Humans of New York’ comments section on Facebook.


“Artistic differences”

Once upon a time, this was a beauty blog.

And while my (slightly tragic) passion for products remains unbridled to this day, the desire to write long and enthusiastic posts about them has waned somewhat.

HOWEVER. In recent months, there’s been something else filling up the “Notes” app in my phone. And that’s wisdom. Wisdom from books. Wisdom from films. Wisdom from friends, family, colleagues and, naturally, other copywriters. It’s not always perfectly worded or well-formed. But bloody hell it’s apt. And almost invariably, it’s worth sharing.

So here we are. Once, my little corner of the internet was for cosmetics. Now, it’s for contemplation.

God, that sounds really wanky, doesn’t it?


From this point on, I’ll be posting all the little nuggets of loveliness from my existing collection once a week. Maybe on a Wednesday. For like, alliteration purposes. ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ innit?

After that, you’ll hear the wise quotes as often as I do. And I do sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Because really, they’re rather nice.

And it would break my heart if you thought they were boring and shit.

So there.

Merry Christmas?