Once upon a time, this was a beauty blog.

And while my (slightly tragic) passion for products remains unbridled to this day, the desire to write long and enthusiastic posts about them has waned somewhat.

HOWEVER. In recent months, there’s been something else filling up the “Notes” app in my phone. And that’s wisdom. Wisdom from books. Wisdom from films. Wisdom from friends, family, colleagues and, naturally, other copywriters. It’s not always perfectly worded or well-formed. But bloody hell it’s apt. And almost invariably, it’s worth sharing.

So here we are. Once, my little corner of the internet was for cosmetics. Now, it’s for contemplation.

God, that sounds really wanky, doesn’t it?




28 thoughts on “About

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  2. I’m jealous of yours! I love the length and the waves. You look so pretty in the recent OOTD photos too.
    What was your favourite author/period when you were studying? I loved the Renaissance/17th Century writers like Billy Shakespeare and John Milton. Anything after 1850 just depresses me haha xx

  3. Aw thank you! But it’s often a bit of a mess though :D .
    Haha I know what you mean but my favourite period is without a doubt the 20th century. Postmodernism being my favourite movement. Especially postwar novels. They are filled with dark irony and scepticism that in my opinion just can’t be surpassed by any of those sugarcoated Romaticists , Sentimentalists or Victorians. If that makes any sense. Nabokov is my favourite writer. Have you ever read “Look at the Harlequins?”. xx

  4. Oooh no I haven’t. Did Nabokov write Lolita? I’d be really interested to read that. The dark irony and scepticism of postwar novels is so fascinating to study; I can see why you like them. I get too involved in it when I read those novels and it makes me feel really depressed haha. It’s not good for me, so I stick to the Renaissance! But yes I agree, Victorians and Romantics are a bit saccharine. Fun, but saccharine xx

  5. Yes, he did! Great novel by the way. And I just try to detach myself from the novels I read or I tend to get carried away too much. So, I know what you mean :D xx

  6. Oooh ok then. I’ve been meaning to read it because there are so many references to it all over the place. Glad you know what I mean, and impressed by your detachment techniques! xx

  7. I love your blog. I wish mine was juss as nice and newtly done as yours. Im following you. I just made mine and kinda new to wordpress any help would be best. =) xo

  8. Thank you so much! I love the theme you’ve chosen for your blog. I think the trick is to just try lots of things out and see what you like. If you find a nice theme but are desperate to change colours and things, it might be worth getting the custom design upgrade. I set myself targets for the upgrades – 50 followers and I could buy myself the custom design upgrade, 100 followers and I can have my own URL. Other than that,just use your imagination! It normally tells you much more than another blogger can :) happy blogging xx

  9. aw thanks. I’m trying my best to come up with as much things as possible ill keep your blog as my inspiration for when I do mine :)

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