A Bank Holiday Bubble Bath


It is a truth universally acknowledged that bubble baths are one of life’s best relaxation tools. Especially when you need to recover from a long weekend of debauchery and silliness. 

However! This Bank Holiday weekend, I decided not to toddle into Lush and buy yet another bubble bar, but actually invest in some bubble bath. I thought it would be more economical. Or something. Also, I needed shower gel, and Lush shower gel is beautiful but expensive. 

So, when I toddled into Holland and Barrett for some posh snacks, I was very pleased to find a Shower Gel and Foam Bath IN ONE BOTTLE. For Β£5.00. Hello. 

It’s made by a company called Faith in Nature, who refuse to use SLS, parabens, or similar nasties in ANY of their products. Which is always a plus. 

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder, in the manner of Carrie Bradshaw, whether an SLS-free foam bath would be any good at, well, foaming. SLS being a popular bubble-generating ingredient and all. 

Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. I ran a nice hot bath, perched my laptop on the lid of the toilet, prepared the Netflix, lit a few candles, and after a bit of coaxing and not too much product, a dense tower of Grapefruit and Orange flavoured bubbles appeared on the surface of my bath.

They all smelled beautifully citrusy, and they also stayed put. I often find with Lush bubbles that they don’t last very long, which is a bit sad. But the Faith in Nature ones got through a whole episode of Gossip Girl, and then some. So they passed the test. In fact, there were still some left after I got out of AND drained the bath, which was most impressive. 

So all in all, it’s a thumbs up for Faith in Nature. The shower gel and foam bath comes in lots of different flavours, so I’m hoping Manchester’s Holland and Barrett starts stocking the Chocolate or Lavender stuff soon! Or, you know, I could just order it. But whatever. 

What did you do to relax this Bank Holiday? I personally “relaxed” so much that I woke up on Sunday morning still wearing my shoes. Let me know what you got up to!

Eff xx