My Pointless Episode is Finally Here!


Does anybody remember this post from May last year, when I told you all about a trip to London that Dad and I made, to appear on the BBC1 quiz show Pointless? WELL IT’S FINALLY GOING TO BE ON THE TELLY!

If you’d like to watch us, our first episode airs on BBC1 this Wednesday (18th Feb) at 5.15pm.

In the mean time, you might enjoy having a read of this post too. Appearing on telly means that a professional make up artist does your face for you – and I couldn’t resist asking her about all the products she uses most often! If you’ve ever wondered how people get their foundation to look so flawless on TV, just follow the link.

I hope you enjoy watching us!

Pointless love,

Effie xx


An Affordable Shampoo that Stops Blonde Hair Going Yellow. Hurrah!


I don’t know about you, but I love the look of my hair after they’ve used a toner on it in the salon. It makes me feel like Fleur Delacour – with soft, silky, silvery tresses, and no dark roots peeking through. Lovely. Swishy. Mmm.

Anyway, I recently started going to a mobile hairdresser for cost reasons. She didn’t use a toner after she dyed my hair – she hadn’t anticipated how much of it there was, and it was past midnight by the time she left! Either way, a few weeks on, the hair she’d so carefully coloured was getting a bit yellowy. I believe “brassy” is the industry term. Which is just a flattering way of saying “it looks a bit shit now, love.”

^ “Before” hair. (I think it may have been dyed a slightly warmer colour when this was taken, but it does show how yellow my hair goes when I’m due to see the Colourist again.)

While I can’t do anything about my fast-growing roots between appointments (I’m too scared) what I can do is sort out the brassiness. I couldn’t justify getting one of the posh brands of purple or silver shampoo that they use in the salon. And a few months ago, I’d tried the high street version from John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde range. It was purple shampoo alright, but it didn’t do a lot for my yellow hair. Boo.

Then, just before Christmas, I found it. On offer in Boots for a fiver. It’s called Silver Shampoo (and conditioner, if you can spare another fiver) and it’s by a brand called Bleach London. I haven’t heard much about this on the beauty circuit, but perhaps I haven’t been looking hard enough. Either way, it was cheap, and it WORKED.

^ A weird attempt at a swatch. But look how purple!

The first time I used it I only noticed a teeny difference colour-wise. However, my hair did emerge from the shower MUCH shinier than usual, which was rather lovely, and it felt soft and swishy. If I wasn’t Fleur Delacour yet, I was definitely approaching her petite soeur, Gabrielle.

The real change came with the second use. It was the weekend, and I’d left my hair unwashed for a day longer than usual, because I’m a filthy slob. This meant that I decided to shampoo it twice, which turned out to be a good idea.

After I’d blow dried my hair, it definitely looked more ashy. The former cheap brassy tone had been replaced with more than a touch of silvery blonde. My colour was whiter and brighter, and after just two washes, I had achieved the Delacour sheen. Winner.

^ “After” hair.

This isn’t just me enjoying the novelty of a new shampoo, by the way. Even Boyf noticed the difference. And offered positive remarks. So that’s good.

Still, TWO washes. Three shampoos. And two blobs of conditioner. Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, I declare myself impressed.

Have you tried any silver shampoos before? What did you think? Are there any other fantastic products for blondes that I’ve missed? Do let me know and leave a comment!

Effie xx

A Very Glittery, Citrusy Bath Time

Hello beauty chums. I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since I last posted! As is traditional with blogging, I’ve been struck down with the dreaded “busy” excuse. Well, that and all the vowels on my laptop keyboard have died. And p. And w. And h. But, when you’re desperately catching up at work after the Christmas break, there’s no better time to have a nice good bath. That’s what I thought, anyway.


As my senses needed invigorating somewhat, I decided to go for a citrusy theme, so grabbed Lush’s Star Light Star Bright bath melt, which my sister bought me for Christmas (I think it’s limited edition?), and half of their massive Brightside bubble bar, which Mads got me as a thank you for letting her stay in my flat.

Thank you sissy.

Both of them smell very citrusy, which is always nice, and the scent gets even stronger once they come into contact with water.

I lobbed the bath melt in the bath first to give it a head start, and then crumbled the bubble bar under the tap to create some schweet-smelling foam. The bath water also turned bright orange. I wasn’t expecting this, but it was a nice treat. I’m afraid you can’t see it in the pictures because of all the bubbles!

I then put my laptop on the toilet seat, stuck on RuPaul’s Drag Race (if you haven’t seen this you MUST – it’s on Netflix) and lit my Mojito (lime and mint flavoured) candle, which my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Then finally, I kicked back into the water and settled into the zesty ambiance. I also sloshed water all over the floor in the process, but wouldn’t recommend that part.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the products:


Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt
– Smells delicious. I love me some lime oil.
– Takes its time to actually melt – at least 5 minutes – so you feel like you’re getting a bit more for your money
– Very moisturising both in the water and when rubbed on the skin. Although I’d only advise this after all the glitter has worn off! It’s all thanks to the cocoa and Shea butter under the glitter.
– Do not handle this and then handle your phone. It will get glittery.
– Do not handle this and then handle your laptop. It will get glittery.
– Do not handle this and then handle anything you don’t want to get glittery.
– The glitter does stick to your skin, but to a bearable extent. If you’re intending on going out after your bath, just avoid putting your face under the water. Sparkly face is not great. Unless you’re on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
– The glitter also sticks to your bath tub. I’d say this was the worst negative, as I don’t really want to be rinsing the bath out when I’m all chilled and cosy. But needs must.

To sum up: smells great, feels great, but #glitterproblems.


And here’s a look at the Brightside…

– Smells deliciously citrusy – a mix of mandarin, bergamot, and tangerine oils. Mmm!
– You get a HUGE product for your money
– Half of it is more than enough to fill your tub with bubbles.
– Turns bath water orange. Nice surprise.

– The bubbles disappeared long before my episode of RuPaul finished. I’d say within about 15-20 minutes.
– Contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This is an ingredient which makes things foamy and bubbly, but it can irritate sensitive skin when used regularly.

To sum up: good value, smells lovely, but disappointingly average bubble longevity.

What did you do to chill out this January?

Don’t hesitate to say hello with a comment!

A belated Happy New Year,

Effie xxx