Bristolian Beauty Haul!

Today started really, really badly. As it’s the last day of 2013, and in many ways I’ve been very lucky this year, all of the remaining bad luck seemed to swoop in and violently attack me between 8.15 and 9.00 this morning. It was pretty intense. There was blood. And swearing.

The bad luck started when I left my boyfriend’s flat to give him a lift to work. On my way out to the car, I fell over after forgetting about a particularly devilish step. My ankle gave way and I went flying, grazing my hand and cutting my knee. Oops. I had been planning to go straight to the shopping centre after dropping my boyfriend off, but instead had to head back to the flat to clean up my bleeding knee and change my ravaged tights. I couldn’t exactly go out looking as if I’d been attacked by a feral dog, after all.

In the twenty minutes it took to sort myself out, I managed to get a parking ticket. There is free parking and there are no double yellow lines on the road outside the flat, so I thought I was ok. However, being a country bumpkin, I wasn’t aware that parking “in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped footway” would get me a £70 fine (£35 if I paid within two weeks). I didn’t even notice that the curb dropped in that area. If I had noticed, I still wouldn’t have known it was an offence, but would admittedly have moved the car to a more considerate position, so that wheelchair users and other folk could cross the road more easily. Ugh. Massive error.

The worst part is that if I hadn’t fallen over and cut my knee, I wouldn’t have had to go back to the flat in the first place. I would have gone shopping straight away, blissfully free of dropped pavements and sore knees. Woe.

Still, after a moment of dithery misery in the car, I knuckled down and drove to the shopping centre, to look for a duvet for Boyf, a new pair of tights, and a very indulgent way to spend the money my Grandparents gave me, with which I was to buy myself a Christmas gift. And, y’know, pay my sodding parking fine…

So here’s what I bought!




I got a £15 Boots voucher from my Auntie and Uncle for Christmas, so spent it on the Bourjois ‘Delice De Poudre’ Bronzer (£6.99) and a Real Techniques Blush Brush (£8.99). I’m a huge fan of these brushes, but didn’t own a decent blush brush until now, or indeed a proper Bronzer. Can’t wait to use both of them!


After a long hunt in an unfamiliar city, I finally tracked down the Urban Decay counter in Bristol’s Debenhams, with the hope of picking up Naked Basics. Being small yet perfectly formed, I thought that Naked Basics would be the ideal palette to take on future trips to Bristol.

However, I got distracted. Across the shop, I spotted a beautiful Too Faced palette, which could also work for travel thanks to its flat shape. ‘A Few Of My Favourite Things’ contains 20 eyeshadow shades, both matte and sparkly, two bronzes, two blushes, a ‘Better than Sex’ mascara, a ‘Colour Bomb!’ lip tint in ‘Bee Sting’, and comes with a cute bag to hold the lot. Most importantly, today it was generously reduced from £48 to £32.16. Wooooow.




I’ve never tried any Too Faced products before, so purchasing this palette marks a strong deviation from my unbreakable obsession with Urban Decay shadows. I went shopping looking for Naked Basics and a Benefit Box Set, and came home with this.

That is the nature of beauty obsession: random, unpredictable, extravagant. Above all else, though, indulging the obsession makes you feel much better after an extremely dodgy morning.

Happy New Year!

Effie xx


30 thoughts on “Bristolian Beauty Haul!

  1. That palette looks amazing! Too faced has nice shadows. You should let me know how you like the mascara that comes with it. I wrote a review about it. I hated my full sized one but didn’t mind the sample sized mascara. That brush looks really nice and soft. I’ve heard good things about that brand. I have an eye shadow brush from her and I like it. Btw your post showed up on my reader. :) have a happy new year!

  2. Yaaaay WordPress reader works! Ooh that’s interesting, I’ll use your new menu system to find your review! I bought the eyeshadow brush starter set from Real Techniques and was hooked after that! Speaking of youtube gurus, I was interested to see that you’ve bought some of Michelle Phan’s palettes. She is so lovely, thank you for introducing me to her videos. Have a Happy New Year too! Xx

  3. I wish I had a sweet voice like she does. I’m not the best at talking so I never got on the making YouTube videos bandwagon but I have gotten some requests. It’s 20 below today. I think I’m going to relax and have some hot cocoa!

  4. Ooh, that’s so cool that you’ve got Youtube requests! I think a lot of people worry that they’re not so good at talking, but they often surprise themselves :) maybe you could film yourself on your camera or phone and see how you feel about it, then start posting the videos online when you get more confident? It’s not for everyone though, I don’t think I could do it! Do let us all know if you start experimenting!
    20 below sounds horrendous, cocoa is a good plan! Poor you. I would not cope at all with being that chilly, I feel the cold really easily!
    Michelle Phan’s voice really reminds me of an audio book we used to have, of Anne Hathaway reading the first Princess Diaries book. She was quite young then so had such a cute voice, and it really sounded like Michelle’s whenever she talked about something girly, like her crush on Josh Richter!
    Sorry for the lengthy reply, happy new year! Xx

  5. I have done a few videos on subscription box reviews but never posted them. The ipsy bag subscription box was started by Michelle Phan too. She is so successful at such a young age. I read the princess diaries books too. My dog is not a fan of going outside today to do her business. I got her a sweatshirt even but she hates that. She acts all depressed when I have it on but is happy and plays as soon as I take it off. But walking outside in 20 below basically makes the inside of my nose freeze which sounds gross but true.

  6. Sounds like you’re experimenting with video very well :) I think you have to buy an upgrade to post videos directly to wordpress, but you can embed youtube videos in your posts at no cost. Hopefully you’re building your confidence gradually and we’ll be viewing some at some point! Haha Awwwh your dogs must look so cute in sweatshirts, even if they hate them! Yes I read your tweet about the inside of your nose freezing, that sounds absolutely horrific! I’ve just been for a New Year’s Day walk with my Boyfriend and we got absolutely soaked in the Great British Weather, but luckily it wasn’t too cold xx

  7. After cold days like this I’m always tempted to move somewhere warmer but I don’t think I could actually do it and leave my family. Now if they moved with me… But the weather is ok as long as there is no wind. But the weather was so cold during Christmas that my family wasn’t able to go skating :(

  8. Awwwh that’s sad. It’s hard to get a happy medium with skating though – we can rarely do it over here, apart from on purpose built rinks, because the ice is usually too thin and it’s dangerous. Always either too hot or too cold! I’ve never actually been skating, but my sister went last year and the entirety of each kneecap was purple thanks to the bruises! Painful but quite funny.
    I’ve never thought of asking my family to move away with me, that’s not a bad idea! It MIGHT work…! Xx

  9. Skating is huge in Minnesota. Well we have pretty much half a year of Winter (not quite but close)! Ice fishing is huge too, but it seems like there are always people falling through the ice with their trucks/snowmobiles. The ice does get really thick, but towards the end of Winter people always take chances. But my favorite ice skating is at a rink because it is smooth!
    Hey! I tagged you in a new tag! It’s called The Best of Beauty 2013. Here is the link.

  10. Wow, that’s a long winter – no wonder the ice is thick! Although driving a truck over it does sound a bit extreme. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that an ice rink would be more smooth than a lake or a pond, do they polish it or something?! Oooh thanks for tagging me, I’ll go and check it out now! Xx

  11. Yup they have a machine called a Zamboni. Hockey is also very popular here. Well last year it first snowed in November and it was still snowing in April and beginning of May. It was an odd winter. We kept having blizzards. Usually spring comes sooner. You’re welcome on the tag :)

  12. I laughed a bit at your story. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. Hope your knee is okay now though. You will definitely need to review the palette and bronzer. I’ve been wanting to pick up both. Also I’ve heard real techniques are amazing. Hope you had a lovely new year? Xx

  13. Snowing in May?! Goodness. That’s not ideal! I think we had some snow in April when I was living in the North of England for university, but it wasn’t quite blizzard conditions! I hated it though, being so clumsy. Slippery pavements are not great for me. I never knew that the machine was called a Zamboni, I love learning random things like that! Thank you xx

  14. It’s ok, I laughed too – in a resigned sort of way! My knee is gradually getting better thanks, there’s one determined bit that doesn’t want to scab over so it’s still quite tender. Sorry, that was a bit gross. I’m definitely going to review them properly once I get home, I’m so excited! Xx

  15. It wasn’t gross at all. We all fall over in stupid places. My mum fell over in the middle of the street last winter and broke her nose. I fell over two winters ago outside the pub. Flat on my butt. As long as you aren’t too baldly hurt though, you can have a laugh.
    How was Bristol? I bet the weather was pretty wild? Xx

  16. You’re welcome! Isn’t Zamboni a funny word? Yeah kids had a lot of snow days and my family had to cancel a lot of things due to being unsafe to drive. It was the never ending winter.

  17. They already canceled school for Monday because weather reports say it’s suppose to get really really cold. The coldest it’s been in a decade. With temps at -30 and wind chill -50. Ish!

  18. Oh dear, your poor mum! I fall over all the time, I just get “sideways ankle”, as I call it, and my foot turns sideways and I crumple. Oops. It’s good that you fell on your bum, always comfortable! I slipped on a big sheet of ice once and my whole body went horizontal in mid air, it was like something out of a cartoon. I landed flat on my back though, and it was great! Much more comfy. I hope I never break my nose though, that sounds particularly nasty. Yeah the weather is pretty crazy – I’ll be driving home on Sunday and am feeling a bit anxious! It’s very wet and windy but we’re on a hill so we’re not getting flooded, thankfully. How was the Scottish weather? Are you home now? I hope the journey was ok! Xx

  19. Haha yes, it sounds a bit like Swahili! Ugh I hate driving in the snow, it’s so scary. Hopefully winter will end soon, although it’s pretty cool that everyone gets a day off school! Or several. I used to love snow days at school xx

  20. It does sound like something out of a cartoon. I bet you panicked a little at the time though. My ankles aren’t straight, when I stand up they bend slightly, it’s like over pronation or something like that it’s called. It makes me quite often twist them, but I got these special insoles that I can wear in my trainers to correct it. Maybe you have something like this too?
    The weather was okay, it was pretty mild over New Year. Yesterday on the way back from Glasgow it was raining and windy pretty much the whole way. It seems to have calmed down now so maybe you will be okay for the drive. Back to work Monday? Xx

  21. Haha I would have panicked, but there had been another occasion where I did the same thing on the way to a lecture, karate kicked my friend in mid air because she was walking in front of me, and then we both fell in a heap. Not so scary when you’re used to it! That over pronation thing sounds interesting, I may look into that. Thanks! It would explain why I’m so wobbly.
    Glad to hear you had mild weather over New Year, and um…bearable weather on the way back! Hopefully my journey won’t be too traumatic. Yep, back to work on Monday. I don’t want to go back, I’ve had such a lovely and busy break! Did you go out for new year in the end? Are you back to work this week as well? Xx

  22. Oh no! I bet your friend was not amused with you. I hope nobody saw it? Or did everyone see?
    Apparently it’s quite common and a simple way to test is to look at your shoes and how the sole wears.
    Yeah back to work on Monday. Bittersweet I guess. I went to a house party in the end. How about you? Xx

  23. I stayed in with my boyfriend haha. House parties are great, good idea! I think lots of people saw us fall as it was just outside the student union, but people were falling over all over the place that day, so it didn’t really matter. It was on a hill too, so you know, it was to be expected! I will be investigating my shoes xx

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