Festive Antics

Hello everybody! I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you for a couple of days.

To give you a perspective on how busy I’ve been, a dear friend of mine recently announced on Facebook that over the next two weeks, she would be spending the festive period in London, Manchester, and Suffolk. On Saturday, I replied that, by the end of the day, I would have been in all of those places in the space of 12 hours. Ah, train travel!

On Friday, it was my last day of work before a lovely two-week break. Hurrah! We went out for a lovely Christmassy lunch, exchanged Secret Santa presents, and sang along to the radio a lot. We worked hard, too. Obvs.

My Secret Santa gave me this lovely lavender-scented “hottie” owl.20131224-000502.jpg

I’m always cold at work, and when it’s particularly chilly, I head into the office wearing a jumper which my housemates gave me for my birthday last year. It looks like this:


My boss always comments on it, she finds it very cute and festive. So no doubt my owl-themed Secret Santa came from her! From now on, every time I’m cold in the office, I can pop my owl in the microwave and warm up nicely. Very cute.

After that, I was home alone for the evening, as my parents were heading up to Manchester to see the family and pick up my sister from Birmingham on the way. (She studies Biomedical Science at Aston University). I would have used the alone time for blogging, but I started to feel a bit ill, and then convinced myself that I was going to be sick. I’m phobic about being sick, so can really wind myself up. I was feeling very nauseous and shaking with anxiety within minutes, so I crawled into bed, terrified, and went to sleep! At 7.30pm. There was nothing wrong with me, I just panicked. Fail.

Still, the next morning, I got up early to begin my busy weekend. I decided to try out my Green People eyeliner, which I got from the You Beauty Advent Calendar. It’s in “city grey”, if you’re curious, and ended up looking like this:


I then got on the train from Suffolk and headed down to Colchester for a hair appointment. I got my roots done for Christmas, and the hairdresser put a toner on my hair, which really woke up the colour and made it look lovely. If you live in the Essex area, go to Divas! They’re brilliant in there, and great fun. I forgot to get an “after” picture though, sorry!

After my appointment, I rushed to the station to catch a train down to London. Bizarrely, if you want to go North from where I live, it’s actually much quicker to head Southwards to London and go back up again. Strange but true.

By 6pm, I had been in Suffolk, Colchester, and London, and was sitting on another train after a brief stint on the tube (ugh), ready to go to Manchester and join the family. Needless to say, when I eventually arrived, I was pretty tired!

The next day, which was Sunday, I woke up at my cousins’ house in Manchester, to be told that the whole family would be coming over for Christmas lunch. Dad and I set off in the car to pick up my Grandma and Grandpa, and the rest of the family helped with the cooking. Once everybody had arrived, we all sat down to a delicious Christmas lunch, complete with turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage, carrots, bacon, beef, gravy – the works!

Because we don’t come up to Manchester for Christmas Day, we rarely get to sit down to Christmas dinner as a big family, all together. It was a real pleasure to have a would-be Christmas dinner with my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, especially so close to the real big day! I hope we can do that again next year, because it was brilliant.

As is traditional, somebody got a camera out after dinner. Below is a photo of me, my sister, and four of our six cousins. Unfortunately it’s only a flattering shot of my sister. But family photos are always a bit dodgy!


L-R: Effie (22), my sister Maddie (20), cousin Harry (13), cousin Sofi (21) and cousin Lily (19), and finally the youngest cousin, Charlie (10).

Shortly after this photo was taken, we sadly had to hit the road again. It takes four and a half hours to get home from Manchester, and that’s on a good run. On the way home, however, we stopped off to see some old family friends, who live in Staffordshire.

It was amazing to see them as well, as they essentially are our family, too. They have two boys who are the same age as Mads and I, and we used to go on holiday with them every year when we were kids. We had a few glasses of wine (Dad not included, as he was driving) and a nice catch up, before heading off again.

By the time we got home, we were all shattered. Still, I don’t know about the others, but I really felt like we had “done the rounds” seeing family and friends so close to Christmas, and it gave me a nice contented feeling. Though we won’t see any of them on Christmas Day, we caught up shortly beforehand, and as Christmas is a time for family and friends, it seemed very apt!

So, to conclude, it was a very busy, but very cosy weekend.

I hope you’re all enjoying the company of your families and friends during the festive season, and if you haven’t got home yet, I wish you the best of luck when it comes to travel!

Cosy Christmas Cheer,

Effie xx


7 thoughts on “Festive Antics

  1. So do I, so I have to take about thirty and then delete all the duff ones! Obviously this only happens if nobody else is in the house. They would massively take the piss. I still feel kind of ashamed even when I’m alone…hope you’re having a lovely day too! xx

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