With a Heigh Ho, The Wind and the Rain

Good evening lovelies.

I apologise for not being around for the last week – I was initially detained by travelling up to Manchester for the 80th birthday of my lunatic, drunk Grandmother. When I got home 4 days later, there was a massive power cut, and therefore no internet. I really missed reading and commenting on all of your posts, so can’t wait to catch up with everybody!


‘Southwold Pier Battling The Storm’ by Steve Docwra http://www.dphotographer.co.uk/user/stevedocwra

Anyway, I’m not sure if you know this, but there was a big storm in the UK this weekend.

Well, in the South of the UK. And the East a bit.

While I spent most of its duration laughing gaily with my Mother as we pelted down an almost empty M6 (we were the only ones mad enough to ignore the apocalyptic weather reports and set off on the four hour journey home), I nevertheless spared a moment to contemplate the beauty hazards which a storm might present.

While I myself was driving along in a cosy car, merrily listening to Radio 2”s Popmaster Quiz (I have no shame) while my Mother occasionally dropped Skittles into my gaping mouth like an attentive mama bird drops regurgitated worm guts, I realised that not everybody in the country would wake up to find nothing wrong with the weather whatsoever. Some people would not be driving along in blazing sunshine and light drizzle, but might be commuting to work through an absolute bloody hurricane. You know, the kind that carries trees around. And stuff.

I had actually experienced strong winds and sideways rain during a misguided trip to Aldeburgh beach the week before. My boyfriend and I had just eaten a sarnie, and a salted caramel ice cream each, and decided to walk it off with a nice jaunt along the beach.

Wrong decision.

The walk was not nice. Or indeed particularly jaunty. I enjoyed it because I found it “bracing”, but on reflection it was pretty horrible. The wind was howling and made my ears so cold they hurt, and it was raining sideways. In my face. On further reflection, it really should have made my reflection horrible too. But to my surprise it did not – though my hair had acquired that charmingly authentic surf spray look thanks to the ravaging effects of the salty sea air, my face remained remarkably intact. Shock!

As a result, I figured I should do a beauty review of the products which miraculously survived the Great British Weather. Without running or reducing in any way. Though the test was accidental, the result was really impressive. I would have dived (dove?) face-first into the sea to test them still further, but the sea was rough, and had that greyish hue which says, in no uncertain terms, “it’s really bloody cold in here”, so I didn’t do that.

So in no particular order, here are the products which I was wearing, and which did not budge on that very wet and windy day:

1. Eyeko London ‘Line & Define’ Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Black’


I’m slightly ashamed / gleeful to admit that I only have this eyeliner because it came free with Glamour UK last month. As it was a magazine gift, I was rather cynical about the quality initially, but then the free gifts from Glamour magazine are always very good. I’ve prised samples of Percy & Reed No Oil Hair Oil, Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner, and several Nails Inc nail polishes from their covers in the past, and they’ve always been fantastic and inspiring, so actually, I don’t see why this should be any different!

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about this liner was the “felt tip” style applicator. Sometimes I’ve come across these in high street brands and found that the felt pen section is a bit too flimsy, and therefore makes the liner difficult to apply. This wasn’t the case with the Eyeko though – the tip was strong and easy to manipulate, so I’d recommend it for people who are wary or new to using liquid eyeliner. I also really enjoyed how fine the tip was – I’ve never been able to create a truly fine line around my lashes before, especially not when using the eyeliner brush which you can buy to accompany Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner (the product I usually favour).

My only concern is how long this product will last. I’ve only used it for a couple of weeks but already I feel like I need to go over any lines I do twice, as if the felt tip is drying out slightly. I’m not sure if this is just me or not. But that’s how it feels.

Nevertheless, Eyeko’s claim of being smudgeproof is well founded. That day on the beach, it didn’t budge or run by even a millimetre, despite the lashings of rain which assaulted it. Equally, I’ve scratched my eye many times while wearing this liner, looked down at my fingers in horror, and then realised that the liner hasn’t moved at all. Impressive!

Verdict: Won’t budge, or smudge. 8/10.

2. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Volume Effet Faux Babydoll’ Mascara in ‘Noir’ (I assume)

YSL babydoll

I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and am a HUGE fan. My eyelashes are very pale, very fine, and very straight – this is the only mascara I’ve found which can curl, volumise, and separate my eyelashes in exactly the way I want. The “babydoll” effect really is a great way to describe it. Before, I’ve been subscribed to layering a volumising Clinique mascara with a separating, lengthening drugstore offering, but this mascara does every job I want in a single tube. It’s just a shame it doesn’t last longer.

In terms of the wind and the rain, I was also pleasantly surprised by this product. It doesn’t boast of any waterproof effects, and it does tend to rub off when I’m putting my contact lenses in, so I wasn’t expecting it to weather the storm too well. However, it coped with the rain valiantly, and even when I tentatively rubbed a couple of lashes between my fingertips just to check if they needed mopping, no smudging occurred. Happy day!

Verdict: 7/10. Favourite mascara ever, but would score more points if it survived contact lens application as well as rain.

Oh, and it would also score more points if it lasted longer and I didn’t have to keep buying more of it because I love it so much. Rude.

Also, YSL, please get a counter in Boots in Ipswich. I will buy everything. 

3. Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Foundation

ysl perfect touch

  • Lovely foundation
  • Medium-high coverage
  • Glowy but not too dewy finish
  • Goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky on the face
  • Doesn’t do that light-reflecting-particles thing which makes your face glare white in flash photography
  • Blah blah blah favourite foundation of the moment blah blah
  • Copes with British Weather

Verdict: 8/10. I love this foundation and it lived. The end.

Other Highly Commended Survivors: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Sleek Blusher in ‘Rose Gold’, Bourjois Ombre à Paupières Eyeshadow in ’05’, Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Concealer.

Final tips:

If you live in a rural area and get a severe weather warning, use it as an excuse to buy a candle.

Clattering into the house with no power and no natural light sources at 7pm can be extremely hazardous, as I found when I scrambled in at 7pm on Monday. Luckily for me, the nice lady at the Jo Malone counter had given me free extra-long matches when I’d bought my new candle a couple of weeks previously, and I knew exactly where I’d left them. And the candle. Consequently, I had an easily accessible, non-electrical light source. You should get one too.

You don’t know how long the power’s going to go off for, so before the storm is scheduled to hit (and I mean a good day, not minutes. Safety first.) go out and buy yourself many shiny candles. Then you can light them when it all goes dark and wander around the house holding a candle. Heck, channel Jane Eyre, when she’s convinced that Grace Poole is the resident nutter at Thornfield, and goes off investigating, candle in hand. But don’t wear long, historically accurate skirts like Jane does, because you might set them on fire. As I nearly did with my highly flammable dressing gown.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all again – I’ve missed blogging!


Effie xx

Uncaptioned photos borrowed from Eyeko website, debenhams,com, and boots.com. 


Review: Lancôme Cleansing Products

Two things, lovely people:

  1. I have done this review for one reason, and one reason alone: I have had these products for 9 months, used them most days, and they haven’t run out. WHAT.
  2. While GCSE and A-Level French may have taught me the keyboard shortcuts for this à, this ç, this é, this è, and this ê, it never taught me how to do the Lancôme umlaut. I feel you should know that every time I use the word ‘Lancôme’ in this post, it has been copied and pasted from Google. I have gone to much effort in the name of correct spelling here. Know this.


So, the two products I am reviewing today are called ‘Galatéis Douceur’, a gentle cleansing fluid for the face and eyes, and ‘Tonique Douceur’, a softening, alcohol-free (hurrah!) toner. They both claim to be for ‘Normal to Combination Skin’, and they both claim to leave skin feeling fresh and supple. Which is nice, isn’t it?

Photos borrowed from Lancome Website

Photos borrowed from Lancome Website

On the bottles themselves, you will find the following:

Galatéis: “Avec un coton.* With gentle efficiency, this cleansing milk for the face and eyes gives perfectly clean skin in one step. Apply to the face with circular movements then remove with a cotton pad.”

Tonique: “Avec un coton.* An alcohol-free toner with natural rose and elderberry extracts, gently completes makeup removal and brings initial moisture to the skin.”

The translation is a little bit dodgy, but it all sounds very promising nonetheless. “Initial moisture” aside.

Oh, the asterisk. I added the asterisk (*) because I thought the French printed instructions, “Avec un coton”, sounded a little bit nicer than the English ones, which said “TISSUE OFF”. There’s rudeness in there somewhere, I just know it. Even the German “Mit einem Wattepad abnehmen” sounds cuter than that. So there we are.

I initially intended to buy these products at the recommendation of a friend, who was, like me, prone to spots at that time. We both suffer from oily/combination skin: a dryish forehead, normal cheeks, and an incredibly oily nose and chin. She told me that Lancôme offered great cleansing and toning solutions, which were alcohol-free, and worked gently but effectively on sensitive skin.

So, after Christmas last year, I decided to give them a try. The reason I can actually recall the date upon which I bought these products is because I was on my way home from a friend’s 21st birthday party. His birthday is in late December, and I distinctly remember milling around London Liverpool Street Station on my return from his house in Buckinghamshire, and, naturally, gravitating towards the luxury cosmetics section of Boots.

With a good hour to waste before my connecting train left, I knew exactly where to drag my suitcase. However, as I didn’t buy anything initially, and had a suitcase with me, I started to attract a bit of attention from the Boots security force. Security guards do not like it when you hang out in shops for a long time, with plenty of storage space to stash any plundered items, and keep picking things up for inspection. They do not like that at all. As a result, there was a lot of judgemental staring going on, which made me dithery, and made this purchase a memorable one.

Liverpool Street Boots: A place of dreams as well as nightmares. Photo by _ADW_ at Flickr.

Liverpool Street Boots: A place of dreams as well as nightmares. Photo by _ADW_ at Flickr.

I was busily trying not to look like a shoplifter, when I came across the Lancôme counter, and a sight of sheer wonderfulness greeted me: a stack of Lancôme gift sets, reduced in the January sales! The set I spotted was reduced to £31.50, which was almost the same amount as I had been given for Christmas from my Grandparents! Also, lo and behold, the set contained the two products which my friend had so explicitly recommended to me, each in a 400ml bottle. It was sheer perfection.

It was also worth considering that if I bought it, the security guard might realise that I have never stolen anything from a shop in my life, and that on that day, I was genuinely just a bored traveller with an unhealthy fascination for cosmetics. He should have realised that someone like me would never shoplift from Boots anyway, but I felt that making a purchase would help my cause in his eyes, at least. Seriously though, can you imagine the consequences of getting caught shoplifting at your favourite makeup shop? Close your eyes, beauty lovers, and imagine what would happen if you got BANNED from BOOTS. It doesn’t even bear thinking about. So there, security guard. You should understand this stuff.

Anyway, the products. Talk about the products, Effie.

Every night, I use both the cleansing lotion and the toner to prep my skin for its beauty sleep, make sure that those last tiny vestiges of makeup are removed, and leave my skin feeling clean and supple.


  1. When I’m getting ready for bed, the first step is to remove my makeup with a Simple or Garnier face wipe. I use this method because I am lazy, and, more importantly, am yet to fall in love with a decent make up remover. I wouldn’t actually advise this technique.
  2. I wipe makeup off my face continually, until a fresh wipe is no longer able to pick up any product (ie, until it no longer becomes brown with foundation or black with mascara when I apply it to my face)
  3. REVELATION. Though the face wipes come away clean, when I apply the Lancôme Galatéis Douceur to my face (whether directly or on a cotton wool pad), the pad comes away covered in brown. There is clearly still makeup on my skin.
  4. I use Lancôme Galatéis Douceur to remove the rest of my makeup.
  5. OCCASIONAL REVELATION: Sometimes, even at this stage, when I apply a cotton pad covered in Tonique Douceur to my “clean” face, it still comes away with a foundationy tinge.
  6. I use Lancôme Tonique Douceur to really, truly, and finally remove the last of my makeup, and close up my pores for the night.
  7. I wait a bit, and then apply my Estée Lauder Idealist Serum. I’ve just done this and it feels uhmazing.

Put simply, the Galatéis Douceur is a gentle, effective cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh, and its soft, fresh scent perfectly matches its effects. It also, rather bizarrely, contains Pineapple Fruit Extract.

Whole Pineapple

Here’s a pineapple.

According to a quick internet search, this extract has gentle exfoliating properties, and its various enzymes help contribute to skin elasticity and moisturisation.  Rubbing an actual pineapple on your face, by contrast, would be an example of violent exfoliation. So don’t do that.

The Tonique Douceur, by contrast, has some more obvious ingredients: rose and elderberry extracts. Rose extract is said to have moisturising, firming, and soothing properties, while elderberries contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits . Whether these pretty additives work or not, they certainly provide the product with a very subtle floral scent, which is lovely. I’m pretty sure they do work, though, because my skin feels smooth and supple after every use of this product.

Overall, the combination of these two products is the only thing which really makes my skin feel properly clean before bed. They’re gentle, but effective, the ingredients are trendy, but active, and my face feels very well balanced after every use, rather than dry and stripped.

Finally, I feel that I should also reiterate the longevity of this Lancôme duo. As I so clearly remember the trauma of the security guard’s judgement at Liverpool Street Station, I can also recall the precise date on which I purchased the products, and can therefore verify that they have lasted me nearly 10 months. Which really is rather impressive.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, more reviews to come!


Effie xx

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22: What I Got for My Birthday

Play this, and continue:

Hello everybody!

On Thursday, I experienced my first non-milestone birthday by turning 22. As a lot of the things I asked for were beauty-related, I thought I’d share my presents with you!

Main photo

Some of the first things I put on my “pleeease buy me this for my birthday” list were beauty products.

After buying an Estée Lauder foundation, I got one of those free gifts full of samples, and almost immediately became obsessed with their ‘Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator’ serum. It’s oil free, smells citrus-y and amazing, and, best of all, I used the sample for just a week and it noticeably reduced the hyperpigmentation (read: red bits) left behind by my spots. Unfortunately, it’s rather pricey, and I couldn’t justify buying it for myself. I didn’t even expect my parents to buy it for me. But to my immense surprise they did! Horaaaaay!

I also asked for a top-up of two products I already owned: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturiser, and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. We managed to pick up the perfume in Gibraltar for around £30 less than you’d find it in the UK, which was fantastic.

Unfortunately, I also have a tale of caution for you. The bottles for Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (for my skin type: oily to very oily) and Dramatically Different Moisturing Lotion + (very dry to dry combination) look exactly the same, and I only realised I’d received the latter after I’d used it, so couldn’t return it. I applied it today and it took 6 hours to soak in, because I’m so oily already. Oops! For now I’ll just use it on my forehead, or maybe I’ll give it to my Mum and pick up the Gel version myself. Either way, beware, fellow oil rigs!


Moving on to DVDs, I got the ‘Oceans‘ trilogy from my Boyfriend, ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’ (which I’ve been wanting to see for aaaaages) and the first Sex and the City film from my Sister, and my Boyf also bought me the box set of ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps‘. If you like silly, light-hearted, preferably Northern-based sitcoms, and haven’t seen this yet, watch it – it’s hysterical!

Among the other little things my Boyfriend got me were a Lucky Charms cereal bar, Hotel Chocolat Chocolates, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (hnnnngh!), and two dinky shower gels from LUSH. I’m using ‘It’s Raining Men‘ at the moment, and it smells exactly like honey. The scent really lingers on your skin too, and it’s very moisturising, which is gorgeous. Thumbs up!

The big present from Boyf was a leather Fiorelli ‘Nerissa’ Purse. We were supposed to go out the day after my birthday to get a purse to replace my old, rather tatty River Island one, but we’d been looking at some online to help me decide what I was looking for in advance. On my birthday, I was sitting in bed, having opened my pile of little presents and feeling very spoilt already. Suddenly, Boyf leaned over the side of the bed again, and threw me a “surprise” present. I had no idea what it was until I opened it, and the gorgeous purse below fell out into my lap! It was a huuuuge surprise, the leather smells fantastic, and it’s full of little compartments for everything, which really appeals to me! It’s also in the Manchester United colour, which appeals to him, so is perfect on many counts!

Fiorelli Purse

Hubba Hubba. My new purse.

The final thing my Boyfriend got me was a bit of an in joke. Every time we go to seaside amusements, we always spend aaaages on the crane or “claw” machines trying to get hold of a ‘Despicable Me‘ cuddly minion. As these things are fixed, we never managed to get one…until my Birthday! Boyf managed to get hold of one on Amazon and I finally got my Papoy :D



Finally, I was given some things to brighten up my working day. Every morning, I toddle into work with an ugly old tupperware and no cup of tea. However, thanks to my sissy, I can now pack up my sarnie in a cute little lunchbox, cool bag, and matching thermos flask! My Boyfriend’s parents bought me a little notebook too, which is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for jotting things down when I’m in a meeting or doing research.


For after work, my sissy also got me some lovely candles. There’s a set of sparkly butterfly tealights, and also a really interesting contraption, pictured below, which magically twirls about when you light the candle. It’s really soothing, and makes pretty patterns of candlelight bounce off the wall when you have it burning in the dark. Watching it is an excellent way to chill out after a day staring at a computer, and when I blow it out, it fills the room with that gorgeous blown-out-candles smell we all know and love. Thanks Aggie!


So, needless to say, I’m a very lucky girl. I said lots of thank you’s, will be making lots of thank you cards, and gave lots of hugs and kisses in return for my lovely presents.

I hope the mini-reviews here can give you some ideas for your own gift-giving or Christmas lists, and that you didn’t find my birthday post too indulgent and dull. I tried to make it fun, but was a bit too excited by my prezzies!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Effie xx

Birthday on the Beach

Birthday on the Beach (Felixstowe, Suffolk)

A Question

As winter draws in, a few traditional elements have pinged back into fashion in the wholly expected manner. Cute little ankle boots, wooly hats, and cosy jumpers, to name but a few. However, as checked and argyle sweaters have presented themselves in our favourite shops, so, interestingly, have the “polo”, “cowl”, and “roll” necklines. In America, they call them turtle necks. Which is just adorably silly. I like it.


From the ladylike to the laid back, the designers are all over this trend – and for good reason – it looks adorable! (Click to Enlarge)

Anyway, the reason I’ve titled this post “A Question”, is because I’m not sure if I can indulge in this look. Can women with large boobs, ample breasty regions, or big tits ever get involved in a fashion piece which extends above the realms of a crew neck? Can they even handle a crew neck, without achieving the dreaded uniboob? Questions abound, and answers…well, they are limited.

So, in the name of research and answer-finding, I’ve found photographic evidence of a few booby celebrities attempting to “rock” the polo/roll/turtle look. Observe and opinionate:


Kelly Brook tries something ribbed, for a change. (Source: Ben Eade / GoffPhotos.com)


Christina Hendricks gives it a go in black (Source: famouspeopleinturtlenecks.tumblr.com)


Mel B keeps her neck and cleavage cosy (Source: Madamenoire.com)


In the early days of her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian samples the look (Source: Stylebistro.com)

Now, I appreciate that these aren’t all cosy jumpers, as demanded by today’s winter fashions. However, these images do give us an interesting idea of how the high-necked shape works for a D-cup and above. Too tight and there’s a definite sense of tit sausage. Too loose, and you end up looking like Lumpy Space Princess. “Lumpy” being the operative word.

So, what do the experts say? Do they ask us big booby bitchez to avoid at all costs, or is there a specific set of rules by which we must abide, in order to successfully keep our necks warm without using a scarf?

Lunatic gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine thrust a few commandments down our throats with 2002’s best-selling book, based on their TV show ‘What Not to Wear’. The “Worst Sweaters” for “Big Tits” were defined as Chunky Knits (“thick wool equals thick torso”) and Polo Necks (“tits take on a new role as third chin”). For women blessed with a flat chest, by contrast, a “chunky polo neck” was hailed as looking “immeasurably elegant”. Unfair, yet true. Grr.

Cosmopolitan UK’s Laura Puddy, author of the ‘Catwalk to Curvy’ column and blog, said rather more kindly that “what’s important is that you dress to flatter.” In November’s Cosmo, she wrote “just remember shape as well as proportion,” pointing out that her favourite printed jumper is “slightly oversized and, in order to maintain a streamlined silhouette, I’ve kept the rest of my outfit simple with skinny jeans and heels”. While the jumper she spoke of did not possess a high neckline, this seems like very good advice for curvy girls navigating knitwear.

The final comment for double-d divas comes from Marilyn Monroe. I don’t have a quote from her, but I feel that, when it comes to large-breasted ladies pulling off polo necks, this picture says it all:

Marilyn Monroe, absolutely succeeding. (Source: www.style-pick.com)

Marilyn Monroe, absolutely succeeding. (Source: http://www.style-pick.com)

YES WE CAN. With the right fabric, fit, and figure, that is.

So basically, if you, big tits, do feel temptation for the turtleneck, you have to go about buying one the proper way. Try everything on, streamline the rest of your outfit, and wish upon a star that the fabric and fit of what you find suits you down to a T.

It’s going to be a long, hard road, but it’s f*cking cold, so let’s go for it.

Love and Luck,

Effie xx

To spur you on in your quest, here's Leo DiCaprio in his favourite polo neck, inexplicitly holding a swan. You're welcome.

To spur you on in your quest, here’s Leo DiCaprio in his favourite polo neck, inexplicably holding a swan. You’re welcome.


Good evening all,

Thebeautydeputy has very kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award!

The Liebster Award is an unofficial accolade which was created in 2010 by a German blogger, in a bid to draw attention to great blogs he or she knew of, which were as yet undiscovered by other readers. (Source: http://sopphey.onimpression.com/2012/05/liebster-blog-award-origins.html)

Meaning “favourite”, “beloved”, or “dearest”, the idea of Liebster is to nominate your most esteemed blogger pals, and pass on the word to earn excellent wordsmiths, photographers, and fashionistas the recognition they deserve. There is no official panel or website – it’s as easy as accepting the nomination, and passing it on.

The only rules? Your nominees must have 200 followers or less.

So, here’s how to pass on the word (that is, if you want to):

  1. Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the ten questions provided by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate ten five TWO other bloggers for the award
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Notify your nominees!

In no particular order, here are my nominees for the Liebster Award. I’m very new to the WordPress community and haven’t come across many bloggers yet, so I’ve selected a top two (sadly excluding my nominator – I assume you can’t re-nominate?) who I think are really deserving of this award, because their posts are informative, well-written, and an absolute pleasure to read and discuss!

  1. The lovely Jacquelyn and friends at beautydusts: http://beautydusts.wordpress.com/
  2. The charming girlie at theindianbeautyblog: http://theindianbeautyblog.wordpress.com/

…Here are my questions for them:

1) What is your favourite scent?

2) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

3) Which makeup product can you not leave the house without?

4) Desert Island Discs: Which 3 songs would you take to a desert island?

5) Who or what is your guilty pleasure?

6) What is your pet hate?

7) Which fictional characters do you find disturbingly attractive? Cartoon answers / childhood crushes accepted.

8) What’s the best piece of advice or the best mantra you’ve ever heard?

9) What is your favourite product in the world ever?

Aaaand finally:

10) What’s your favourite thing about the Christmas season? Little bit premature, but hey!

…And here are my answers to the questions set by thebeautydeputy!

1) If you won the lottery what would you do with it?

A year ago today, my answer would probably be “HANDBAG.” Now, however, I’d invest in a very expensive holiday with my boyfriend, which would include a Champions League football match and at least one stop in Italy. Then I’d go to Selfridges and lose myself in the beauty department. After reading up on the best of the best products, of course!

2) If you had to go to a desert island what makeup palette would you bring with?

Naked by Urban Decay. Easy peasy.


I wish my Naked palette still looked this neat! Photo courtesy of UrbanDecay.com

3) What do you enjoy more: reading a book or watching tv?

As my degree was English Literature, I read books much less often than I used to, but I find it really rewarding when I do. ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton, and the Harry Potter books are particular favourites. Generally speaking, though, I love to settle in front of the telly.

4) What is your favourite perfume and why?

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I first received this perfume for my 19th birthday and it’s become my “signature” scent. Also, my Mum wears Coco, so it’s pretty cute, and rather fitting, that I’m on the Coco Mademoiselle.


Photo Courtesy of the Chanel Shop

5) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

If I can get up, a morning person. I love my sleep, but there’s nothing like the fresh morning light in the North East of England, or the smell of the dew and the damp cold. Gorgeous!


This is a photo I took when I was still living in Durham, last November. I was out walking with my two friends, who you can see crossing the bridge in the picture. I think the lamp post and sign make it look rather Narnian!

6) Who is someone that you look up to and why?

I really look up to acclaimed actresses like Emma Thompson, and the Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. They’ve worked really hard and truly mastered their craft, which I find very inspiring. I also love Caitlin Moran because she’s a hilarious and talented writer. Oh, and Emma Watson – beautiful, extremely clever, and again, really determined to engage with her character and convey its emotions in the best way she can.

7) A genie has granted you 3 wishes: what are they and why?

World peace. I’m not kidding. With obvious qualifications such as an end to world suffering as a whole, as well as the finiteness of space and resources. Got to be practical about these things.

Health and happiness to everyone I know and love.

Something selfish and whimsical. Actual decision subjective to situation in question.

8) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Although I’m very new to it, I really enjoy the community, sharing opinions about products and really getting to know things before we buy them. I’m back living with my parents at the moment, and a lot of my friends who live at this end of the country are doing fourth years at university, whereas I’ve just graduated. I’m keeping busy with work, but it’s nice to chat to more people when I’m missing my friends and boyfriend (he lives 4 hours away too!)

9) What is your favourite type of makeup look?

I love trying out new things, but the look I always return to – and that I think nearly everybody suits – is the liquid eyeliner, Audrey Hepburn look. Cheeks and lips and shadows change, but that winged black line is perennial!

10) What is your favourite movie?

I love anything written by Richard Curtis – Love Actually, Notting Hill, About Time etc. He’s brilliant. But my all-time favourite film is Beauty and the Beast. It’s absolutely stunning.


One day, people. One day we will have access to this.

Here’s a link to my lovely nominator’s blog! http://thebeautydeputy.wordpress.com

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I didn’t bore the tits off you.


Effie xx